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About Us

Here I Hike starts both as an affirmation sharing with you the places we have been, the things we have seen and as an invitation for you to pack your things and go see the wonders with your own eyes and why not, if you want, plan this together with us as your guides and companions. 

So who are we? 

Alex and Karina, two children of the wonderful country called Romania! People around recognize us as a nice funny couple that wonders in the mountains as many times as we can, always planning for the next trip and eager to see the world that surrounds us. 

We met each other three years ago by some kind of happy coincidence and now we are married! We are sharing the same passions for traveling, mostly hiking, constantly curious to discover new places especially the ones that are not very well known, usually we prefer to travel low-middle budget and as close to wild nature as we can get. 

A few words about Karina

I was born between the years 1986/1987 in Timisoara, Romania and started to wonder around in this world moved by love for nature, hiking, cycling, yoga, photography, writing, snowboarding skiing, stand up paddling, cooking and last but not least, daydreaming a lot. I started blogging (in Romanian) about places I’ve been around summer of 2013 on and plan to never stop!  I mastered in Anthropology, had a little fun practicing archaeology and started real life working mostly in PR, marketing, market research and a little bit of everything.
I can say about me that I am enthusiastic as a child, optimistic as a young adult, planful as a grown up and sometimes realistic as a grumpy old lady! Sometimes I get tons of ideas just by spending ten minutes in silence, with myself and start building all kinds of crazy plans - most of them floating around travel activities. 

A few Words about Alex

Hi there, I’m Alex from Timisoara, Romania and I’ve been around since ’87. I grew up and lived in the Banat region for the most of my life and I’ve started traveling more consistently in the mountain landscape for more than 10 years. I like the peace and quiet of the wilderness where I try to go with every possible occasion even if it is for only a one day trip. During the warm season I’ll be up in the mountains and during the cold season … well … I’ll be still in the mountains but on the snowboard. The seaside isn’t something that I am really fond of or not really for more than 2 days per year. 
Ever since I can remember I had a passion for bicycles and I do try to ride mine on every possible day for at least 18 km (which would be the “Go to work trip”). Other than this I have started being found of photography and recently I’ve started writing stuff here. In the future I hope to visit many new places and share some of those experiences with you guys.  Cheers!

The travel blog is our first project together created to inspire people to start tasting life outside the comfort of their houses, a virtual place where you can find details and information about destinations and hiking routes mostly from Romania but also from Europe and hopefully, soon, the whole world. 

If you like the idea we encourage you to contact us if you have questions or you want us to organize a trip for you or just spread the news! We can also plan your trip, create itineraries for you based on your touristic interest and of course budget. 

We dare you to travel, enjoy nature and simple things!

karina isar’s Travel Map

So far, on our common maps!

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