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Montenegro Hikes: Try Kucki Kom Peak If You Are Looking for Some Adrenaline!

We left the heat and sluggishness of the sea side and went to the mountains where the weather was totally different. We were preparing to attack Kucki Kom peak the next day so we chose to sleep at Etno Stavna, a cute place located right at the start of the hike.The camping price was 8 euros per night but we had no idea what facilities they provided.

Where do we sleep?

Etno Stavna

The idea is that Etno Stavna is a small complex of bungalows that serves Eco food and that really looks good but when it comes to the camping facilities they provide... well... they don't provide much. Basically, you can't enter the encampment with your car and you need to navigate your way through the bungalow complex. Furthermore, there is no actual camping ground, you just place your tent between the huts and hope some one doesn't step on it. Not cool! There are some nice spots available the only problem is the 45-degree slope. So we decided not to sleep by tent here.

When we got there it was cold, misty and it was raining so we rented the last hut available for the price of 13.8 euros per person per night. Each hut has its own bathroom, small kitchen with wood stove and 6 single beds. Everything looks really rustic and nice and the view is absolutely superb!

Eko Katun Dom

For our second night, we had to find another place to sleep as the whole bungalow complex was fully booked by a large tourist group. We settled further down the road, about 4 kilometers distance, at  Eko Katun Dom, a nice and cozy place managed by a hospitable and welcoming couple of Montenegrin. I estimate the place has a capacity for about 10-15 small tents but we were fortunate enough to be the only people there. The price was 7.5 euros per night for two persons, a small tent and a car. Included in the price we had access to hot showers and the bathroom. Great rakia (local alcoholic drink) is served here!

Let's start!

The next morning we woke up with clear skies, lots of sunlight and as a bonus with an alpine sea of clouds for as far as the eye could see. Everything was ready and packed so we left in the direction of Kucki Kom; our estimation is 8 hours for the whole trip.

The first part of the hike takes us to the top of a hill from where we can actually see the peak but we didn't know that was our destination at that time.

It was hard for us to leave the sea of clouds behind because the view was great. We were felt we should dedicate more time for pictures but unfortunately we had to leave and make our way to the mountain top.

The first change in scenery comes with a footpath that takes you through a gravel field, but nothing complicated. We were happy to be walking in the shadow of the mountain because even though it was only 8 AM the sun was already burning.

Next, the footpath takes you through a forest section that takes us up and down for a few kilometers. The markings are great and that chances to get lost are minimum. We didn't like this part because it was muddy and full of loose rocks that made it really easy to slip if you weren't paying close attention.

We were relieved when we entered the first mountain pass and we saw the imposing mountain peaks close at hand.

Walking here is simply a bliss and we have enjoyed every part of it. Furthermore, the marking are well done and visible all the way!

Easily we make our way on gravel and in between cliffs on a footpath that gets ever more inclined, but again, nothing too complicated or difficult.

There was a specific moment where Karina got totally disappointed and it came when we reached a portion of the track that had an overhanging rock that required us to climb it. The problem was that the rock had a height of about 2 meters and the ground at the base of it had a 70-degree incline and was full of small rocks with low stability. Because of my height (1.92 meters), I had no problem getting over the obstacle but Karina could manage the feet only with my help and even so, she was a bit worried about the descent as there is absolutely no chain or cable to help you.

After this hop, we continue to make our way through the cliffs in the direction of our rogue peak. The marking is in pristine condition.

Further up we reach another rock wall with an 80-degree incline and small sections that are overhanging. We climb it again without any security options available. It is a shame that you are not warned at the start of the hike about such things. Also, I think it is out of the question to hike this peak in bad/sub-optimal weather conditions. 

The worse is yet to come. We are probably 40-50 meters away from the peak and after Karina makes her way over an over exposed section she realizes she will not be able to reach it.

A small ridge only a few centimeters wide with a staggering exposure on the left and right side put an end to her efforts as she gave into her fear and remained there with the backpack while I had a short run to the peak and back.

This is the first time she I abandons a hike and the fact she was so close to the destination had a serious toll on her morale.

yeah... that was Karina's actual face then ...

This was probably one of the more technical peaks I have tackled because of the high exposure and non-existing security lines.

Overall the mountains are extremely rocky on the upper side and are full of unstable gravel footpaths that have a high incline. This was something I didn't expect to find and I am surprised that the Montenegrin didn't install any security means on this hike. Also, we couldn't find any information in English about this hike that would state it is more technical.

I don't want to discourage anybody by saying that this hike is really hard because it actually isn't but if you personally struggle with fear of exposure you should consider that. I had no problem reaching the peak but I think you should know exactly what you can expect from a hike before embarking on it.

In any case, even as we stand, the hike is really worth it and we really enjoyed the sights we had the pleasure to admire with only 2 days left of our summer holiday.

Hike details

  • Time: 8 h with breaks (7 h hiking time)
  • Distance: 14 km
  • Altitude gain: +/- 900 m
  • Markings: Red dot
  • Water sources: Etno Katun Stavna 

Montenegro Hikes: Try Kucki Kom Peak If You Are Looking for Some Adrenaline! Reviewed by Alex on 16:26 Rating: 5

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