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Honeymoon in Iceland - Day 6: Mytvan Nature Baths, Hiking in Est and The Magic of Volcanic Desert

Long story short: So we started with a fresh hike in the morning, following the beginning of the Seven Peaks Trail above the little town of Seyðisfjörður. After this, we start our journey towards the North with a magic sand storm in the volcanic desert near Myvatn area. And because they are close, we pay a short visit to two impressively big waterfalls Dettifoss and Sellfoss before our final destination point: Myvatn Nature Baths. 

Our day on Google Maps!

So it seems today we started the day slightly illegal. :D Wait for it, allow me to explain. Yesterday evening, we arrived pretty late in the camping, so there was no one to talk to and we decided just to sleep in the parking in front of the camping and take advantage of the shower - which we paid for (100 ISK = 90 seconds). In the morning we woke up early to find that we might get lucky for a hike as up in the mountains the weather was good. We left immediately so we don't lose the opportunity - rare in Iceland - and didn't manage to pay as the owner didn't arrive!  It's hiking time!!!

Hiking above Seyðisfjörður

The seven peaks circuit also known as the Viking circuit includes a pretty long trail I estimate (I am not sure if you can do it all in one day, but I could be wrong) and take you to all the peaks that are bigger than 1000 m altitude above of gulf: Sandholatindur, Bjolfur, Nontindur, Hadegistindur, Strandartindur, Snjofjall and Baegsli. On each peak top you can find a stamp to use as proof you were there, as such, at the end you can become a TRUE (symbolic) VIKING.

Our targer wasn't Bjolfur peak, because the weather wasn't that good after all, but we heard of a nice view point somewhere on this track, at around 700 m altitude.

So we  stopped the car here and we started to slowly climb the dirt road. Even if it wasn't raining all the time (short 2-3 minutes showers) and the sun was showing his smile, we confronted with a terrible wind outside! And now let's do a little exercise of imagination: I am not the heaviest person on Earth, with my 50 kilos, but to be able to lean over at 45 degrees, sustained only by the wind blow it takes a little power! :) First time I experienced this without falling...ok? :)

We walked 5 kilometers (one way) from the main road, where we left the car, until the view point above Seyðisfjörður and calculated an altitude difference of +/- 250 meters. The hike is really easy and can also be approached with a 4X4 off road car - but obviously I recommend the walk. The view up there is really beautiful so don't miss it!

One thing I noticed about some tracks is the fact that they are not so well, or not at all marked and that they do not offer information about timing or distance. I say this, because we found out on the Internet about this nice view point, and when we arrived there, we kind of went blindly without knowing how far it it. Well, it was 5 kilometres one way and we did not take anything with us, not even a bottle of water or something.

After this windy hike we descended and headed to a nice warm coffee in Egilsstaðir before meeting the North - I'll recommend you a nice bistro here, a super cozy place with free Wi-Fi and a indoor (glass) sunny terrace: Salt Bistro.

Our first sand storm: I sooo love the volcanic desert!

After some time spent on the road, just when my mind started to wonder and I was asking myself what will the North have instored for us, somehow with a nostalgic feeling about the magic of the volcanic desert landscape. I didn't even finish my thoughts and there it was in front of my eyes, like I was day dreaming: the most astonishing volcanic scenery I could imagine!

A sand storm, on a sunny weather blurring a bit the wonderful landscape in the background: sharp black mountains and snowy peaks far far away! This is something you cannot forget!

We had to stop and enjoy this peaceful dramatic view and luckily we found a big panoramic parking place that simply invited us to stay! So we stared at this place for more than one hour, also taking time to cook and serve out lunch. We even felt sand particles trough our teeth but nonetheless we were hopelessly charmed!

Selfoss and Dettifoss, Europe's biggest waterfall 

Even if it was pretty hard to leave behind the desert we took road 862, keeping the same "martian" landscape to reach Dettifoss waterfall (the most powerful waterfall in Europe) and her little sister: Selfoss.

Note to travelers: you have two alternatives for getting to Dettifoss. There is a dirt road, 864 and after that an asphalt one called 862. We took 862 because it was in a much better condition, but if you want to visit other objectives towards North, you should consider road 864.

So if you are in this part of the country, wondering what to do / see around, I would say not to miss those two waterfalls as they are wonderful. And more, for the Alien franchise fans, you should know that Dettifoss is featured in the Prometheus movie, standing in as the landscape of an Earthlike planet. Sounds interesting huh?

Dettifoss really impressed me.... it's so big and the speed and sheer amount of water that is falling really makes you dizzy if you stare at it. Certainly not a good place to raft! :)

Very near, on a touristic path, you can reach Selfoss, a waterfall that is a bit more delicate and that features basalt columns under a gentle sunset light. 

Mytvan Nature Baths

Ready, steady, go! We came to this day's final spot remaining on our list, aaaand probably the most relaxing and rewording one: Mytvan Nature Baths. I hope we all agree that you simply can't visit Iceland and not enjoy the wonder of thermal baths!

And trust me, Mytvan Nature Baths  is the best spot to do this. And now, for the ones that hurry to say I didn't take into consideration the Blue Lagoon, let me tell you why I did not do this. The Blue Lagoon is definitely one big, nice and best known place but there is a tiny detail that most miss: they are artificial, so if you are in a place where nature manifested at it's best, wouldn't you want to experience first a natural place rather than a man-made one? Maybe, maybe not, but this was our call and we had a lovely time! One of the most romantic moments in Iceland!

I believe the story of Mytvan Nature Baths is like this: one day, a little piece of heaven accidentally fell down on Earth and the gods didn't bother to pick it up: let them have it and enjoy a nice warm matter how cold it is outside! :)

At the end of this day I can only say that this was amazing! We witnessed the most spectacular sunset and this, as you can imagine, just added extra points to the whole experience. And when you count that we enjoyed this view from a comfortable immersion in the deep blue thermal waters of Iceland, looking at the sunset color explosion on the skies, there is no longer a surprise if I tell you that the experience is PURE LOVE!

We ended up sleeping near Hverir, another geothermal beauty that we will meet in the morning. So, please, where do I have to sign to become an Icelander? :) 

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