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Visit Plitvice National Park in Croatia

When we think of Croatia, not only that we think about the blue sea and the famous beaches but we also imagine another natural wonder: Plitvice National Park! This is one of the Croatian symbols and let me tell you, it should be on your To Do list ...if it isn't already there! A place of magic to be discovered alone, with your lover, friends or family with a route for every taste!


From Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, going south there are about 130 km until the entrance of the park. Don't worry, you won't miss it, because it's pretty well marked on the road and every GPS should do the job of finding it with no problem!


There are many options around but let me tell you the most extravagant place you could spend a night. Localize Slunj, a little town some 20 km from Plitvice area. It may sound a bit uninteresting so far but this is not our final stop. At the north-end of Slunj there is Rastoke, an old watermill town, that is absolutely wonderful! You can experience here sleeping in one of the watermill hotels where the accommodation could  reach around 40 - 50 € / night.

If this is just not so appealing for you, then there are plenty of hotels around, starting from a average price of 30 € / night and reaching even 80 € / night for the ones really close to Plitvice.

We choose to spend one night under a million stars in Turist Grabovac Camping, the best camping in Croatia! The prices are good (around 25-30 €/night/2 persons, car and tent), and the facilities and location is close to excellent! 

* All the prices above are a reference for 2014.

Touristic Attractions 

As I was pointing above, Plitvice is one of the top Croatian attractions so you better expect a lot of tourists, but it is worth every penny! Wait until you see the color of the water, admire all the waterfalls that you can find at every step, the curious little ducks  and more than spoiled fish! A place you will love forever!

Also in the park you can enjoy a ride with the boat or the train/car, but remember you can't go for a swim in the water! Not that it matter since we have the sea at less than 100 km from here. 

Also here you can see one of Europe's last virgin forest, Čorkova Uvala a 80 ha forest among limestone and dolomite structures with trees as old as 300 years.

And since you are here, I truly advice you to go visit the old watermill town from Slunj, Rastoke! A small place of peace and calm also called Little Plitvice because of its water and waterfalls!

Touristic Activities

I discovered four main things you can do here, but who knows how many options there really are? So: hiking, cycling, photography and rafting! I visited Plitvice two times and both times I did it during the summer but I heard (and saw photos) that it could be even more spectacular during the winter season and most certainly it will not so crowded. The park is really great and it includes several buffets, terraces and restaurants or nice places for a picnic.

The truth is that Croatia has many things to offer but I think my favorite natural spot will remain Plitvice National Park and I dare you to contradict me, but not before you visit it! :)

For more details please check Croatia's official tourism site!

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