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Visit the Semenic - Cheile Carașului National Park!

If you are looking for a nice and relaxing weekend or just a few days away from the city then the Semenic - Cheile Carașului National Park is the perfect destination. There are ample opportunities for fun here no matter what you enjoy and most activities have a difficulty level of easy-medium. Read below the list of sights and activities this park has to offer.

Piatra Graitoare Peak - Foto by Iulian Gangal

Best road to Semenic


  • Highest mountain peak is Piatra Goznei with 1447 m.
  • Over 100 km of hiking trails.
  • The area has a climate with Mediterranean influences that enabled the development of more than 30 species of orchids.
  • Cheile Carașului (Caras Gorges) are among the wildest gorges in Romania (19 km long of which 10 km are visitable) that sometimes have a depth of more than 200 m.
  • The deepest pit-cave of the Banat region with a depth of 236 m.
  • One of the largest semi-virgin forests in Europe with trees older than 350 years.
  • The outer region of the park has many agro-touristic accommodations and restaurants that are highly appreciated and visited by tourists.

Good to know

  • Road: The road access is in good condition both during Summer and Winter (from Reşiţa to Gărâna and then on the road that goes up to the Semenic resort).
  • Accommodation: The area is well developed for tourism and agro-tourism. No organized camping ground available but you can stay by tent on the banks of the lakes or even on someone’s land (people are well accustomed to tourists). A few recommendations, all of these have good service but choose the one which has the right price for you: Pensiunea Gotschna - Gărâna Village; Pensiunea La Răscruce - Gărâna Village; Gasthof Tirol - Văliug Village; Aquaris Hotel - Văliug Village;
  • Tax: No entrance fee.
  • Campfire: You can build a campfire only in designated areas.
  • Water sources: The area has many small springs available, but we recommend getting your own water as they are not always so easy to find.

Stuff to do

  • During the winter season you can ski.
  • Semenic is a pretty known spot for enduro trails, downhill and other sports on two wheels with or without a motor.
  • Semenic National Park includes the Văliug and Trei Ape artificial lakes - these offer different touristic possibilities from renting boats and pedal boats to swimming or sunbathing. And as an extra activity, for those interested, there is a very nice pontoon on Valiug and often in the weekends you can attend really nice parties. 
  • If we are talking about hiking there are some routes, especially in the Caras Gorges, Anina Mountains, Semenic - they are quite easy being situated at moderate altitudes. You can find a map with some of the routes here.
  • Speleological tourism - you have a great number of caves available for exploring  like Azuga, Ţolosu, Peştera Liliecilor, Văleaga, De sub cetate and more.
  • During the summer you can also enjoy nice music at the Garana Jazz Festival, an international event with over 18 editions so far.
  • If it's warm outside you might want to take the time and go on a trip on the oldest railroad in Romania, the Oravita - Anina route (also called the Semmering of Banat). You will be seated in passenger cars built in 1914 and if you are lucky you might even be powered by a 19th-century steam engine. The trip takes almost 3 hours for the 40 km distance because of the steep slopes (your speed will be around 17km/h). For more information please check this link.

Average temperatures

  • The annual average temperatures are about 4-6 degrees Celsius based on altitude. Usually in the summer you can expect around 20 to 25°C and in winter you will have -5°C to 0°C degrees during the day. Check YR for the current weather condition in Muntii Semenicului.

If you have been in this park let us know what you most liked, what would you recommend or  simply what was your adventure there. Just drop a comment below!

Happy trails!

Foto by Iulian Gangal
Road to Semenic - Foto by Iulian Gangal
Small village in Semenic National Park
Trei Ape Lake - Foto by Iulian Gangal
Foto by Iulian Gangal
Trei Ape Lake - Foto by Iulian Gangal
Foto by Iulian Gangal
Oldest Railroad in Romania - Foto by Iulian Gangal

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  1. Hi you guys! First of all: congrats to your your genious website! amazing pics and articles! I am a Masters student from Germany and we are doing a project on Semenic National Park in your beautiful country. It is really hard to find quality information on the park in english and in general. that is why I was really glad to discover your website. Could you do me a favour and answer a few questions on the park and how it could be promoted? Thank you so much for your help! cheers Hedi from Bavaria

    1. Hello Hedi,

      Thanks for the kind words. For sure, we can help you. Feel free to use the contact form to grab your email and then we can carry on with the discussions there.

      All the best,
      Karina and Alex

  2. Hello Karina and Alex,
    I really want to travel all over the Romania when I read your articles !!
    I'm living in Timisoara for few months and I want to go in Semenic Park for the weekend, the problem is that I have no car.. What is the best way to go there without a car ? Do you think that it's possible to walk from Resita ?
    And also it seems that the link with hiking routes is not working...
    Thank you !!

    1. Hello Helen,

      Thank you :)
      I am pretty sure there are maxi taxi services from Resita to Crivaia / Garana or Brebu. The only thing is that they are not on the Internet. What I found is maybe see if they have some routes there. From Resita it's really a lot to walk and it's not pleasant. Let us know if you have any other questions.


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