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Visit Apuseni Natural Park

Feel like going on an adventure? Then go and drive to Apuseni National Park for a few days, you’ll simply love it no matter what you’re into, hiking, rafting, cycling, speleology, relaxing. While you can get accommodation easy our recommendation is to sleep by tent; it will truly connect you to this place and to its people. As a result of this park’s dense population (in comparison with other mountain regions) it will offer a good perspective on the traditional Romanian life, cuisine, and the local culture. For a list of highlights and activities continue reading this article.

Galbena Gorge

Best road to Apuseni


The Apuseni Natural Park is a karstic landscape pearl and an excellent place full of legend. The Apuseni Mountains represent the centerpiece of the Ardeal region and invite you to soft walks, scenic routes and the simple joys of this place alongside it’s great locals.

  • The Apuseni Mountains host more than 400 caves and other great attractions like Cetățile Ponorului, one of the most popular target that attracts worldwide tourists; Lumea Pierdută (The lost world), a visually impressive hike that is suitable for anyone. Besides these, you can easy drive to Peștera Urșilor (Bear’s Cave) or Peştera Scărişoara.
  • Spectacular gorges - The Galbena River track is a longer and somewhat more exhausting hike, but it is absolutely spectacular with cable sections, chains, and pleasant surprises everywhere.
  • Many waterfalls that invite you to admire them, for example Miss (Laia Mare) Waterfall.
  • Even though, the altitude isn’t bigger than 1900 m the general landscape and view is really wonderful for all that visit the Apuseni Natural Park.
  • Valea Drăganului (Drăganului Valley) peace and quiet for all to enjoy.

Good to know

  • Road: You can get here from any direction as there is a great road that runs through the middle of the park. There are also good roads that lead to Stâna de Vale resort and to Arieșeni Ski Resort.
  • Tax: No entrance fee.
  • Accommodation: The area is well developed with a wide variety of hotels, lodges, guesthouses and as such I will not go into much detail. What I would like to, however, point out is that there is a great place to camp by tent - in Padiş at Glăvoi (you can get there by following the road that goes from Pietroasa to Răchițele - road recently finished). A few accommodation recommendations: Chalet Cetăţile Ponorului - Padiş Village; River Sound - Padiş Village; Smida Park - Smida Village; Poezii Alese - Valea Drăganului Village; and many more.
  • Campfire: You can build a campfire in the Glăvoi camping provided that you respect the forest and take the protection measures not to start a forest-fire. You will find there designated fire-pits.
  • Water sources: At Glăvoi you can find a freshwater source behind the Mountain Ranger’s shed.

Stuff to do

  • Given that the Apuseni Mountains represent a cave wonderland if you like this kind of activity you couldn’t have chosen a better place to go to.
  • You can find a multitude of hiking tracks most of which have an easy to moderate level of difficulty.
  • Cycling - with the recently completed road you can enjoy your touring bike, but you also have enough dirt roads for the MTB.
  • You can eat pies and all kinds of other goodies from the Transylvanian locals.
  • Nearby: paragliding and hang gliding (check Griding Transylvania for details).
  • Therapeutical Spa tourism (in the Stâna de Vale area).
  • Last but not least you can practice touring ski off-track but also on the slopes.
  • Because in this area there are just so many hiking tracks we could not identify a map that will cover the whole park at a decent level of detail, but you can consult this map for reference. There are many other maps but on a more local scale, that cover certain smaller areas. For a web map you can check Gis Modulo, it has many tracks included but, unfortunately, no English support for now.

Average temperatures

  • The average annual temperature here is about 4-6°C. In the summer, you can expect average temperatures of 20°C and in the winter around -3°C. These numbers fluctuate more based on altitude. If you want to consult the current local weather prognosis please check Muntii Apuseni on YR.


 If you have been in this park let us know what you most liked, what would you recommend or  simply what was your adventure there. Just drop a comment below!

Happy trails!

Featured hikes in Apuseni Natural Park:

Avenul Negru
Evantai Waterfall
Avenul Geamana
Miss Waterfall
Dragan Lake

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am trying to get to Apuseni by public transport in April. So far the best way in from Anina that I have found is Anina->Campeni, stay overnight then Campeni->Vartop, followed by a hike to Padis (showing as difficult and only a good idea in Summer???) Any advice for a solo traveller trying to access the site by public ttransport in April?

    1. Hi Naomi,

      Regarding public transportation I can't really help you much as the area is somewhat remote and there aren't many options. Also before May it is more problematic getting a ride because even the usual routes are not open and also because there aren't that many people going in that direction that might lend a ride (hitchhiking).

      The track you want to do should be accessible in April without snow (we had low snow levels at low altitudes) and as far as I can see it is approximately 12 kilometers in length from Vartop to Glavoi (La Grajduri) glade. Do note that April is pre-season so all the food facilities at Glavoi are probably closed and you will have to either bring your own food or travel to a Chalet or Mountain Hut to serve food.

      Here is a link with the tracks in the area:

      Also here is a small description of the track in Romania, from Vartop to Chalet Varasoaia, which is 2 kilometer further from Glavoi:

      The most important info here is length: 14.5km, duration: ~5hours, +/- altitude: +600m / - 800m, open all year long, in winter on skies.

      Hope this helped and have a safe adventure!
      Alex and Karina

  2. Hi guys, first of all congrats with your nice website. I found it by coincidence while searching on the net for more information about the Apuseni region. I am Glenn and I am founder of Project U/TURN, a NGO which organises adventurous trips for handicapped people ( Through adventure & back to basics I show disabled people that 'nothing is impossible'. In october I want to explore the Apuseni region because I believe it has a lot to offer. In 2017 I want to take a group of disabled people. ! week of trekking through the region, with our special wheelchairs. Camp or sleep at farms.... The problem about the region is that I can't find proper maps of the area (1:25000 or 1:50000). Do you know where I can find them? Which trails/highlights do you recommend in the Apuseni region? They may be challenging but doable with (special outdoor) wheelchairs. Thanks for your comment!!

    1. Hi Glenn,

      Glad you found the info useful! Great organization and initiative you have, cheers on all that you are doing!

      If you want to buy a map of the area then maybe this site could help, unfortunately the shop is only in Romanian but with some Google-ing you should manage to place the order (not sure if they ship it to your country). The map is also in English:

      If they don't ship it then when you reach the area in October you will most likely find maps there, at shops, park lodges or at accommodation facilities.

      If you need online versions then here is an interactive map with all touristic tracks, short descriptions, timing, length. The info is in English:

      Simply click on a marking and you will see the description for the track.

      Here is another web map but without hiking tracks:

      As highlights I would recommend: Lumea Pierduta (, Curcubata Mare Peak - 1869m - highest in the region, going from Padis to Garda de Sus (, going from Padis to Scarisoara Cave (

      Note that finding toilets and facilities for disabled people could be challenging. For example at the Grajduri camping area there is no toilet at all (it is kinda like wild camping).

      If you have any other questions let us know.

      PS. - Lumea Pierduta is featured on our site.
      - Curcubata Mare Peak is featured on our Romanian site but the images will give you a good idea:

      Have a great adventure,
      Karina and Alex

  3. very nice places for hiking with baby, Padis are its the most crowded area with carstic places. Sighistel are is the most crowded are with caves from Romania and many other attraction.

    1. Indeed they are, have you had the chance to visit? :)

  4. Dear Karina & Alex,
    I would like to plan a walking tour in the Apuseni Park and wanted to know if there is a nice trek that enables one to hike from cabin to cabin to avoid having to carry everything with us for several days in nature. If not in Apuseni, are there other cabin - to cabin treks in other parts of Romania (preferably in the mountains) that you would recommend? We (2 of us) would like to do this toward the end of August.
    Many thanks


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