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Why should I hike?

First of all: hello and congratulations! You reached our very first article! And just because you are on we will just start discussing the benefits of hiking. I will give you ten main reasons to understand why hiking is good. There are many more, but let’s focus on these for the moment and I am sure you will fill in the rest of the list by yourself!

1. Exercise!

First thing’s first, hiking means sport and if you do it correctly you will sure feel this workout the day after. Remember: Even if you're fit, you won’t get fat; even if you’re fat you still have to move your feet! Hiking is exercise and exercise is the first step for a healthy life.

2. Help your immunity!

As consequences of city life, rush meals and pollution, your immune system might be a little fragile. You can help it with exercise, with gym but why not better go somewhere in the nature and also breathe fresh air while exercising your body. Ah! And don’t be afraid of cold weather, with the right clothes this is a really great way of taking care of your health!

3. Sleep better!

Ok, sure you all have at least one friend (if not you) who is constantly complaining of the fact that he wakes up tired, sometimes he might as well not be able to fall asleep until later in the night (insomnia) or even take pills to get some rest. Take him out for a walk, make it a bit longer and see if he complains in the morning about not being able to fall asleep and if he is still tired in the morning, well at least he has a good reason to feel this way! It’s a fact that hiking regularly reduces sleep disorders.

4. Free Vitamin D!

Get your daily dose of Vitamin D by simply going out for a walk! Yes, hiking does this to you by simply forcing you to go out and produce it yourself! Vitamin D is essential for keeping your bones and muscles strong.

5. Live longer!

Also, keep away heart diseases and blood pressure problems in the most pleasant way, enjoying a nice hike and fresh air!

6. Improve coordination!

Did you know that hiking also improves your balance and coordination? Hmmm… maybe, maybe not, but now that you think of it, it makes sense, doesn't it? While hiking in the nature you come across various kinds of surfaces, altitudes, vegetation and fauna; all this asks for attention, better coordination and faster reactions. Remember?... we used to be very agile hunters.

7. Think positive!

Most of the brilliant ideas come when you are stress-free, when your mind is relaxed and your body is feeling good. Hiking brings oxygen to your cells, oxygen helps brain functions, your brain further sends positive signals to your body and all in one you have the proper frame to start relaxing and coming up with great thoughts!

8. Excellent self-reliance!

Not all of us are natural born competitors and maybe you don’t have any particular goals or barriers you want to break but surely hiking will scatter a little bit of this feeling deep in your conscious and give you some extra self-reliance.

9. Have fun!

Hiking can be also fun! Bring your friends, spend one night outdoors, make a bonfire, tell stories and bring back old memories!

10. Start you own adventure!

Hiking is adventure! And I can assure you that a day in the nature will not end without a great story to tell. A hike in the mountains will feed you up with beautiful places, will take you deep into the nature’s wonders and fill your heart with joy. And also keep this in mind: most of the really awesome places are kind of remote and not accessible by car or any other regular ways, so hiking is the only way to reach them!

So once again dear reader take my good advice, grab your trekking poles, a comfy pair of hiking shoes, cozy clothes and go out to explore the world! Ah, don’t forget your camera, you might want to share your adventure with friends!

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