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About wanderlust: should I stay or should I go now?

Ever heard of the concept: wanderlust? As soon as I encountered it I felt like all my symptoms have now a name and I am not even close to being the only one experiencing this. So what is wanderlust? 

Let me put it this way, for me it all started with the curiosity and pleasure of hiking, wild camping and photography and it’s true that mostly I enjoy spending time in nature, preferably somewhere remote in the mountains, but it’s also true that I might just enjoy not being home. And it has nothing to do with me not enjoying my apartment or so, it is just a crazy need to wander around, to go, to see, to experience, to meet new people and to discover places. 

Wanderlust is characterized as a strong desire to travel, to wander and discover the world around us. And probably each of us, even the most grumpy persons are experiencing a tiny little need to explore new places but for some of us this feeling is not tiny at all, as a matter of fact it kind of dictates each move you make. It’s like any other addiction only it does not harm you, your body or the close ones. Better than that, I could say it actually pushes one to pass boundaries, gain experience and enrich one’s soul. 

So, let’s see how are you feeling about this by answering my ten questions below:

  • Have you ever woken up Monday morning with Google Maps as you best friend searching the exact directions to… ah, wait a minute, you haven’t even decided yet? you have no plan but you just found yourself wandering around to find a possible destination?
  • You are a well under covered little expert in travel blogs and you would probably be the best person to ask for information or pointing directions? Even if you do not know the information, you surely know how to find it.
  • Are you constantly daydreaming on some kind of crazy combination of past experiences and future plans to travel? 
  • Does your heart startle when you hear something about going away this weekend, a short city break or a great unexpected travel offer? 
  • Do you feel slightly depressed after spending two whole weekends at home, in your city or doing whatever non-travel related activity? 
  • Open your wardrobe! What do you see? Most of you clothes are comfy, they are good to go without ironing, maybe special materials created for sports (hiking most probably) or you can tell a different story about each T-shirt only by thinking that each of them comes from a very different corner of this world?
  • Do you have a special place where you would keep already packed things, small bottles of shampoo (just perfect for plane traveling or backpacking), extra batteries and all the things you might need for a little spontaneous adventure? 
  • You know that most probably you won’t be able to escape every weekend but you also know that if you stay home you will definitely spend your money on gear … yes travel related gear! 
  • You discovered photography and start investing more and more in your photo gear because it’s true that like a little travel vampire, you feed your need with photos when you can’t wander around. Wait! You even created a personal blog where you share your travel experiences or that’s just me? 
  • When you are traveling do you ever have the feeling that you do not miss home at all? 

If you have a YES for most of the answers the verdict is crystal clear: you suffer from wanderlust! Welcome to the club!

My advice: embrace this wanderlust thing with all your heart and never stop planning your next and next and next trip! Traveling is one of the best ways to live your life and remember: there is always a new place to discover!

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