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10 Reasons to Visit Romania

I put together for you a list of ten reasons why you should book your flight or plan your trip to Romania as soon as you can. I dare you not to believe my words but to go and see for yourself!

1. Explore the Carpathian Garden

Dearest of them all, the Carpathian mountains, are in my opinion the most spectacular place to see while visiting Romania. You will find tremendously steep cliffs, towering mountains, quiet alpine meadows, endemic flora and even astonishing wildlife you will never forget. Imagine that solely in Retezat National Park there are over eighty glacial lakes whose striking beauty is internationally acknowledged.

Photo by Iulian Gangal

2. Grab a sample of Romania's natural miracles

Romania may not be one of the richest countries in the world, but surely Mother Nature was very generous with this land. Romania is well known for mineral springs, thermal springs and exquisite spas. And if you really want something impressive, try Turda salt mine designated the World’s most wonderful underground place.

Image Source

3. Birdwatching in Danube's delta

Danube delta is a dream for fishermen, bird watching or simply relaxation. Local fisherman can take you with their small boats to amazing places, even share with you fishing secrets and stories. Here you can still encounter wild horses, isolated fishermen communities, you can choose to stay and admire quite a unique traditional house architecture or enjoy high-class services in luxuriant resorts.

Image Source

4. Relax on remote beaches

Most of the people go to famous Romanian resorts but let me tell you a secret, wouldn't it be nicer to have your own private ultra remote and wild beach with one of the most fine sand you will ever fill?

Image Source

5. Try your driver skills on one of the most beautiful roads in the world

The Top Gear team designated Transfăgărășanul the most beautiful road in the world. The road’s highest point reaches the altitude of 2034 m and it’s usually opened between May and October. During winter time, you can still visit a part of the road, take the cable car and spend an amazing night at Ice Hotel Bâlea.

Image Source

6. Visit Romania's impressive cultural heritage

Interested in cultural tourism? Well, I have to say one year will not be suffice to see even half of Romania’s splendors. Fortified centuries-old monasteries, wooden churches (we also have the tallest wooden church in the World - Sapanta), grandiose legendary castles such as Bran (Dracula’s Castle) or Peleș, archeological wonders and many-many more are just waiting for you to discover them!

Image Source

7. Discover city life

If you are an architecture passionate, you can’t get enough city life or you simply love the ennobled atmosphere of great old cities do set priority for places like Sighișoara, Sibiu, Cluj, Brașov, Timișoara or even Bucharest. Note that people are very hospitable and most of them speak English.

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8. Embrace Romanian traditions in the most pleasant way

Join Romania’s delightfully traditions and celebrate in the most original way our holidays. Take part in symbolic pre-Christian rituals and experience the genuine Romanian customs alongside authentic music and apparel. Try this in Maramureș.

Image Source

9. Redefine food concept trying Romanian cousine

You may not understand this until you try it, but Romanian cuisine is one of the best you will ever get! Maybe not precisely suitable if you have a very strict diet based on almost nothing tasty but I dare you to make a little exception at least only to try it! Advice: you will find good food everywhere do not try to eat all the food at the first meal! … I knooow, you just can’t stop right?

Image Source

10. Enjoy traditional quality wines in exquisite modern vineyards

And since we started this chapter, let me tell you what to drink also. First of all, did you know that Romania is the ninth wine producer in the whole world? And it’s not only about quantity … Romanian wine is something that might make you prolong your stay here. Enjoy a good wine in one of our very fine vineyards.

Image Source
                                                            So my traveler friend, shall we?

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